CJ hellovision

Tving stick

The story about two friends

Client: CJ Hello vision

Category: Design Strategy,

Product design

Year: 2014

Role: Project Design Manager, Ideation & Detail Sketch, Design Development, Manufacture

 Tving more than 200 live channels and 50 000 or more VOD the PC and smartphone, tablet PC, etc., all of mobile smart devices, and is a moving service that can be viewed on HD-class quality in smart TV. Bing stick, these content is not only a mobile phone, us to enjoy a larger screen than through the monitor and TV. Design direction was based on casual personality and round shape logo of tving the “tving” brand has. It was designed to feel the personality of accessories.

 My smart TV, tving stick ‘CJ Tving stick’ is a tiny stick that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. Whether you’re a Prime member or not, enjoy a huge selection of TV episodes and movies, voice search that actually works, plus exclusive features like CJ E&M and VOD, ‘CJ Tving stick’ is an easy way to enjoy tvN, Mnet Instant Video, mirror cast, lowcost movie rentals, live and on-demand sports, music, photos, games, and more.

 Package design

 Packaging is not only a box to protect a product but the first impression of the product. Its materials and colors bring the image of the product. Packaging structure of Tving stick which opens like a ‘Tving stick’ emphasizes its identity.


Ilseop Yoon

Ilseop Yoon is a designer working within the fields of products, furnitures and design strategy.

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