Pencil Sharpner

Expression of what is invisible

Self-initiated project

Category: Product Design, Manufacture

Year: 2015

The design of the ‘Stratum pencil sharpener’ is focused on the container of pencil shavings dif cult to be checked. The previous invisible container is exposed for users to easily recognize the time when it has to be emptied.


One of the biggest reasons that a pencil sharpener is broken is because people forget to empty the container of pencil shavings. The container is mostly located at the bottom of the product and the content inside is hardly seen. It is dif cult to nd if it is full or empty. Users cannot have feedback on the situation even when the container is lled with pencil shavings and the sharpener cannot work normally.

I studied the structure of the present electric pencil sharpener and redesigned the inner structure from the horizontal structure to the vertical one. The pencil sharpener is not shaken while it’s running due to the vertical pressing force of the pencil. It is easy to see the amount of pencil shavings inside the container through transparent glass on the surface.


Ilseop Yoon

Ilseop Yoon is a designer working within the fields of products, furnitures and design strategy.

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