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The two restaurants express two different personalities

Client: KT

Category:  Product Design

Year: 2014

Role: Project Management,

From Concept Development

to Productionted project

KT announced product identity motivated by olleh font from KT. KT Design language was established by seymourpowell, UK and SWBK managed each project for production and some other items detail and CMF. I had led KT homefemto redesign project

Form Factor Categorization through Initial Sketch

Visualization through 2D & 3D and Conponent - check

Finishing of surface treatment and appearance,

the expressive qualities of a product

Final product


Ilseop Yoon

Ilseop Yoon is a designer working within the fields of products, furnitures and design strategy.

Avenue des Oiseaux 11, 1018 Lausanne


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