La Maison du Danemark Restoration in Paris

Client : la maison du danemar

Category : Interior Design

Year : 2016

Role : Project staff, sketch, 3D detail

 We completes the renovation of two restaurants in ‘la maison du danemark’, on the champs-élysées of paris. flora danica is a high end brasserie on the ground floor while copenhague houses a fine dining experience on the first level. in each space, contemporary items coexist naturally with classical mid-century danish design features.


"The two restaurants express two different personalities, according to their functions: Flora Danica as high-end brasserie and Copenhague fine dining," said GamFratesi.

Courtyard view

Render view of Courtyard

 Flora danica is a contemporary danish brasserie with the sophistication of french influences. the atmosphere is characterized by green hues used for fabrics and natural stone. the color palette is complemented by tones of gray, furniture with black and brass details, as well as a herringbone marble floor combining carrara and green. the other half of the restaurant has softer and more intimate qualities, with floor carpets and velvet sofas.



Ilseop Yoon

Ilseop Yoon is a designer working within the fields of products, furnitures and design strategy.

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