Dynamic Edge & Illuminating effect

Client: Audi, Pitasoft

Category:  Product design

Year: 2014

Role: Project Leader, Ideation & Detail Sketch, Design Development

This project is a black box design for the existing Audi customers who bought the vehicle before the black box was installed. As an exclusive product for Audi, it aims for sales at Audi stores in 2016. As the externally mounted product instead of a built-in one, the project put emphasis on the external design.

Most of all, we studied the identity of Audi and found the design direction in it. Then we gave shape to the design through sketches and references. Simple appearance, Audi-likeness, and harmony with the installed environment

were the biggest concerns while developing the design.

This concept was inspired by an automobile headlight. The lighting effect has the function of crime prevention by giving feedback that it was recorded while parking as well as driving.


Ilseop Yoon

Ilseop Yoon is a designer working within the fields of products, furnitures and design strategy.

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