Hair dyrer 'HO'

Self-initiated project

Category: Product Design

Year: 2017

This hair dryer is named 'Ho'. I was inspired by the sound of the wind blowing in our mouth. This project was begun in consideration of new way how do we are put the hair dryer in our house. This design started with keywords that is 'pure geometry'. I designed the hair dryer to able to fit anywhere in our house.


The 'HO' was composed of two different cylinders. The bigger cylinder is working for making warm wind by using metal coile. The smaller cylinder has two type of buttons which is able to control wind strength.


The two cylinder's wide bottom surface helps the'HO' to stand itself when we do not use it. So we don't need to hide hair dryer in order to make a tidy room. We just let it leave on the dressing table. And the two cylinder are able to rotate in 360 degrees. so we can deliver the warm wind to any directions by changing the angle between two parts. Even more we can use the 'HO' with out hands. I hope the new usability of hair dryer to change our life to nicer way.


Ilseop Yoon

Ilseop Yoon is a designer working within the fields of products, furnitures and design strategy.

Avenue des Oiseaux 11, 1018 Lausanne


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Hair dyrer 'HO'

Hair dyrer 'HO'